Car loan without Credit bureau query

The credit market has expanded significantly in recent years. Not only has the number of loan providers increased significantly, borrowers can now also benefit from different loan offers. For example, loans without a Credit bureau query are now offered, which are aimed specifically at borrowers who have a negative Credit ( more… )

The 3 basic requirements to obtain a vehicle loan

In Peru, a large percentage of the population buys their car in cash, that is, it does not use any type of financing. When making this purchase, many put their monthly and even annual budget at risk, and lose savings and investment opportunities. This happens because they are convinced that ( more… )

Why lend money to a stranger? | P2P Loans

Good Finance is one of the most important portals in content creation about P2P lending in the world. Recently they generated an interesting article called “The seven reasons why you should lend money to a stranger.” On this occasion I would like to share it with you, adapting some of ( more… )

Mortgage: conditions, interest rate

Agricultural Bank in the number of branches in the cities of the Russian Federation is second only to Sberbank. Today, the number of representative offices of this credit and financial organization has reached the figure of 1,598. Therefore, a branch of the Russian Agricultural Bank can be found in almost ( more… )

Can not Save Money? | Credits

For many Portuguese the word savings seems to be a mirage. This week it was reported that Portuguese savings levels are at the lowest levels of the last two decades. For every € 100.00, the Portuguese put on average € 4.20 in savings. How to explain this? How to explain ( more… )